Merchant account & payment gateway pricing.

Flat Rate Pricing of 2.90% + $0.15

No setup fees.

No monthly fees.

Gateway-only pricing.

$0.10 per Transaction.

No setup fees.

No monthly fees.

Interchange Plus Pricing is available upon request.

The features you want.

The following features are included with the plans above at no additional charge.

Fraud Prevention Tools & Data Security.

Dedicated Account Manager.

Automated Chargeback Management.

Simple checkout.

Virtual Terminal.

US-Based Customer Support Team.

We are your firearms ecommerce experts.

We are locked and loaded to help you grow your business.

  • Secure and seamless credit card acceptance on GunBroker.com.
  • 2nd Amendment-Supporter.
  • Proud member of both the National Rifle Association and the National Shooting Sports Foundation.
  • Specialized pricing for GunBroker merchants.


A merchant account is used to process credit/debit card payments while a payment gateway is used to integrate your GunBroker.com account to a merchant processor. Inovio supports more than 40 different processors, which offers you great flexibility. Don’t have a preferred payment processor? Ask us for our List of Supported Processors, or let Inovio Payments provide you with one.

You’ll need to provide your FFL (Federal Firearms License), Business TIN/EIN, State Registration, and existing merchant processing statements (if applicable). Additional forms may be required depending on the monthly volume requested, but you’ll have a designated Inovio Team Member to help you through the entire process.

There is not, so you can begin to accept credit cards within a 24 hour period.

Once all forms are completed, your application is submitted to our Underwriting Department immediately. Once approved, you’ll receive your Inovio credentials within 24 hours.

You’ll log into your GunBroker.com account, go to Toolbox > Checkout Setup > Payment Gateway, input your Inovio credentials, and you’ll be good to go. For additional assistance click here.

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