Secure credit card processing for merchants.

Online and NFC contactless payments are on the rise. Unfortunately, so is cybercrime. You need a payments partner who can help you keep your and your customers’ sensitive data secure, both at the point of sale and as it travels between banks and processors. At Inovio, we have the technologies and expertise (nearly three decades of it) to deliver encrypted payments with advanced security that protects both you and your customers from fraudsters.

We know secure payment processing.

There are a number of factors that determine if your payments are secure and safely protected from cybercriminals.

At Inovio, our payment gateway can seamlessly connect to virtually any payment processor, while safeguarding sensitive cardholder data via a comprehensive series of security layers.

PCI compliance.

Inovio is a PCI DSS Level-1 compliant processor. We adhere to the Data Security Standards set by the major card brands and administered by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council. As a PCI compliant payment gateway and payments platform, we reduce the PCI compliance burden on our merchants, which is crucial in the event of a data breach.

Point-to-point encryption.

Our military-grade encryption helps safeguard sensitive payment information so that it can pass safely between merchant and customer.

The latest in tokenization.

Tokenization is the process whereby payment data is converted into random characters that are unusable to hackers. Our industry leading tokenization process reduces the complexity, time, and costs associated with protecting sensitive card information and customer data.

Fraud protection.

We’ve also simplified fraud and chargeback mitigation. Now, you can prevent fraud before it occurs with our real-time, Risk Monitoring System, which analyzes customer, transaction, and affiliate data to identify suspicious activity. Add in powerful reporting tools, reporting tools, blacklist reference, and front-end security layers, and we’re talking the most advanced risk mitigation technology available.

Safeguarding sensitive data through credit card encryption.

Credit card encryption uses a mathematical algorithm and an encryption key to transform data into an unreadable string of ciphertext. This process protects the data from being read or captured by cybercriminals when it is in transit.

Secure your online payments.

Inovio gives you access to the world’s most intelligent payment gateway. We offer you secure payment acceptance and proprietary technologies that protect your business before you even start accepting credit card payments.

Learn more about the industry's most intelligent payment gateway today.