Securely store customer credit card info with card-on-file.

Card-on-file transactions allow you to securely store your customers' sensitive card information for recurring payments, subscriptions, and future purchases.

CoF transactions can be initiated in two ways, depending on the transaction type. As an in-store or online merchant, you can save a customer's card credentials by simply:

  • Swiping the card for in-person transactions.
  • Keying in the card numbers for card-not-present transactions.
  • Entering the details into a customer profile after the fact.

Card-on-file transactions can also be initiated by prompting customers to authorize recurring or future payments during:

  • Ecommerce transactions.
  • Mail orders.
  • Telephone orders.

The benefits of card-on-file transactions.

Whether you’re exclusively an online retailer or you also have a physical location, the advantages of being able to store your customers’ payment credentials for future transactions are innumerable. CoF transactions allow your customers to use their payment method of choice, while also:

  • Significantly speeding up the transaction process — no more having to chase down or re-enter payment details.
  • Allowing for one-click billing, wallet top ups, reauthorizations, and more.
  • Offering a more convenient and frictionless checkout.
  • Leveraging the latest in payments security, encrypting, and tokenizing card data to keep it safe from fraudsters.
  • Providing a perfect payment solution for debt recovery, installment plans, and more.
  • Enabling customers to easily update card details themselves in conjunction with Account Updater.

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