The industry’s most intelligent
payment gateway.

Think of Inovio as that smart, nerdy kid in school who grew up to be rich, famous, and popular with the ladies. Our obsession with technology and experience in ecommerce may make us a little quirky, but it’s changing the way businesses accept payments. What makes Inovio different from those washed up jocks out there? Two words — flexibility and innovation.


Our products work for any business, in any industry, from any bank source, with any endpoint. We’ve built an omni-channel platform that encompasses the entire transaction and post-transaction process with a seamless user experience. Our technology continuously evolves with ever-changing trends in consumer behavior, industry regulations, and the slimy sophistication of fraudsters.


Gateway purchase process

We’ve taken what’s usually a complicated mess and made it pretty damn simple.



1. A merchant transaction occurs by a customer placing an order.

2. Merchant forwards transaction details to the payment gateway.

3. The gateway sends info to the merchant's acquiring bank's payment processor.

4. The payment processor forwards the transaction info to the card association.

5. Card association sends response (token) back to the payment processor.

6. Payment processor forwards token to the payment gateway.

7. Payment gateway sends token to merchant as relevant info.


A developer’s dream come true.

Code in PHP? No problem. Java? Piece of cake. Our rich set of APIs are adaptable to virtually any programming language imaginable. Inovio’s flexible platform means developers can integrate our extensive suite of services however they want, with total freedom to customize.

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