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8 ways to help avoid shopping cart abandonment.

Today’s ecommerce consumers are blessed with a seemingly endless array of choices. For you as a business owner, that means that you need to make their shopping experience as smooth and as seamless as possible to prevent them from clicking over to one of your competitors. Learning about the causes of shopping cart abandonment can help to ensure that you are able to successfully guide customers across the finish line of the sale.

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Could your business benefit from setting up subscriptions or automatic payments for your customers?

As a business owner, you are already well aware that customer satisfaction needs to be one of your highest priorities. Equally important to your survival: Getting payments from your patrons in a way that is fast, accurate, and frictionless. Fortunately, furnishing buyers with the option to purchase a subscription package, or to participate in ongoing recurring payments, can work out well for you, your valued customers, and your bottom line.

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Choosing the right technology to boost your ecommerce business.

Even before the unprecedented events of 2020, online businesses were thriving. Now that the pandemic continues to bring about profound changes in all aspects of our lives, establishing an online presence is even more important. Before you jump in head-first, however, it is important to learn about the various pieces of technology that you will require in order to ensure your success.

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Is your ecommerce site mobile-friendly?

​Not so long ago, consumers used their laptops or PCs to browse for items, shop for bargains, and make their purchases. These days, those larger devices are quickly being replaced by the ubiquitous smartphone. If you run an ecommerce site, it is imperative that you optimize it in order to capitalize on this ever-growing trend.

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How to protect your ecommerce site from fraud as more consumers make purchases online.

Purchasing goods and services via the internet has never been more attractive to consumers. Safety, convenience, and a diverse variety of choices are just some of the features of ecommerce that are making it the choice of an increasing number of consumers. Unfortunately, the criminals and fraudsters who want to prey upon them have taken notice. In this age of online dominance, you need to protect your business (as well as the people you serve) from fraud, data breaches, and other criminal behaviors.

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The pros and cons of having a multi-currency website.

​Thanks to the internet, it is now becoming just as easy to order from a site headquartered thousands of miles away as it is to buy locally. As a business owner, it stands to reason that you want to capitalize on the deep global pool of customers that have recently become available to you. Before you jump in head-first, however, you should learn about the pros and cons of having a multi-currency website.

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Optimize your business website with these 8 tips.

Your ecommerce website is much more than a sales gimmick. In an age when online browsing and purchasing are becoming the rule rather than the exception, your internet presence is rapidly becoming your store’s most visible brand ambassador. As a result, it makes sense to put your time, effort, and perhaps even a little capital into making it one of your most persuasive sales tools.

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Why some consumers may still be afraid to pay online.

​Shopping online enables consumers to conduct exhaustive research in a search for top bargains. Ecommerce can be conducted anytime and from anywhere. Better still, the products purchased can be delivered right to the consumer’s door. Nevertheless, a significant number of consumers are fearful enough of ecommerce that they forgo all of its advantages. Let’s take a look at some of the questions these potential customers may have about your ecommerce website.

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How a payment gateway helps your business grow.

​As a business owner, it is in your best interests to make the customer payment process as easy and as flexible as possible. If you only accept cash, you are sure to lose sales to your competitor down the street or across the ocean who is accepting credit cards and other more modern forms of payments. In a nutshell, that is why you need access to an omnichannel payment gateway, the ultimate in essential merchant accessories in today’s increasingly cashless environment.

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The importance of flexibility in a payment gateway API.

In addition to demanding superior products at an affordable price and excellent customer service, consumers want a checkout experience that is seamless and secure. This is the case whether someone is buying items at a brick-and-mortar store’s physical cash register or completing their purchase online. In the latter case, effortless and frictionless checkout is now being accomplished thanks to something known as a payment gateway API.

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